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Tara Rachinsky, PhD

Are you looking for a freelance writer to relieve the pressure on your team?  Someone who can listen as well as write? Someone who has a deep understanding of the science, yet remains focused on the project goals?


​I can help.


​As a medical and scientific writer, I translate complex information into clear, compelling content that is focused on your needs, tailored to your audience, and delivered on your schedule.


I draw upon my education and experience in molecular neuroscience, including a strong background in cell and molecular biology, to support therapeutic areas such as neurology, oncology, gene therapy, and rare diseases.


Before founding Valence Biomedical Communications, I worked with a variety of innovators in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, diagnostic, and medical device industries as a patent attorney. My job included identifying the inventive aspects of a client’s technology and translating the complex scientific concepts into clear, precise language to secure patent protection for the invention—usually on a tight timeline.


This experience enabled me to develop deep knowledge of many scientific and therapeutic areas, as well the flexibility to quickly learn new topics.


I collaborate with my clients by asking about their goals—and listening to the answers—before starting a project.


​Let’s talk about how I can make your job easier.


Once again, thank you so much! We are lucky to have you on our team.


Medical communications company

I thought you would like to see the comments from [medical reviewer] after reviewing your [needs assessment].


"This is brilliant. Well-written and well referenced. . . .  I think she did an excellent job identifying the practice gaps and then linking them to the proposed learning objectives."

"Very well done. I hope it is funded and we get the opportunity to work on it together."

Kudos to you!!

Director of Partnership Development,

Medical education company

Just published this week, the [topic] review got a [journal] commentary, [scientific society] press release, and a tweet!
Thank you for all that you did to support this important publication. We appreciate you!

Medical communications client

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